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International Maintenance Association (IMA), is a formal and registered organisation within Switzerland. We have developed a non-commercial, non-religious, non- political organisation which aims to increase the potential for operations and maintenance to be represented on a global basis. It is not our intention to compete with like-minded organisations. This is about seeking their inclusion in gathering and unifying their efforts to realize a common vision and understanding for the legislation and application of maintenance standards.

We hold an international conference every two years on the wide scope of topics associated with Operations and Maintenance within Asset Management. On the last two occasions the conference has been held in Lugano, Switzerland where we have our central office and secretary; and we have delegates and speakers from all over the world. (e.g. Australia, France, Germany, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States and more)

It is for IMA to be recognized as a major contributor to the giving of information, and development of the latest strategic thinking and practices, for operations and maintenance.

Our Association is different to others. It is international in its creation, with Board members from China, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the UK. Its purpose is to form an interactive “Global Platform for Knowledge Exchange of Effective Maintenance Practices and Management”.

Our focus is on strengthening the links between national, regional, and government bodies which helps us to promote Operations and Maintenance to the status and voice that it deserves within the Asset Management Life cycle.

Our Vision is based on global cooperation by contributing to and influencing operations and maintenance management on an international scale.

One of our most proud developments recently is the creation of IMA-China. If you make access to their website you will obtain information on the story of how Professor Li Baowen of Guangzhou, and his associates have developed this new initiative.  

Our Mission is to support the development and communication of knowledge where needed. This includes networking; training courses; access to bench marking studies; supporting other conferences such as the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies and Omaintec, which is held in a Middle Eastern city each year and now this one. As a previous PhD student of Manchester University, I am always pleased to be back in Manchester.


Our key Goals are:

  • To think globally and act locally, in order to enhance the exchange of ‘know-how’

  • To support technological innovation within the Operations and Maintenance profession

  • To support the application of international standards regarding strategies, processes and systems for all situations. We have within our team the Chairman of the European Standards Committee (CEN)

  • To strengthen that support by the certification of skills and knowledge training

  • To help in the development and promotion of effective methods and tools to maintain facilities and all types of machinery, such as for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0

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