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  • The Founding Members Comprise:
    The Founding Members Comprise: Dr. Emanuale Carpanzano (Supsi) Dr. Claudio Rolandi (Supsi) Dr. Jamal El-Chaar (Supsi) Dr. Mohamad Fouzan ( Arab Institute of Maintenance) Dr. Zohair AISarraj (CEO Specialist Group) Prof. Li Baowen, Mr. Guido Walt (Wear-Management) Dr. Alan Wilson (Carmichael Smith Ltd.) Participants in the Forum valued the Formation of the International Maintenance Association and urged a speedy launching of the IMA into Globalization. The Founding Members recommended that the Association Headquarter is set in Lugano, Switzerland in line with the neutrality principles of the Association and to be formed under the Applicable laws of Switzerland The Founding Members announced the formation of an interim Board of Directors (BoD) that will serve for two years and function to manage the institutional phase of the Association. It was agreed to nominate an additional representative in the Board by each Founding Member, thereby the Interim Board would comprise Twelve(12) members. Additional members could be added to the Board as required to a total of twenty (20) members. Worl d Maintenance Forum (WMF) will be the biannual Congress of the IMA. The Venue and date will be announced later. The Founding Members urge societies,institutions, enterprisesand individual to collaborate and contribute to the goalsand objectivesof the IMA. Founding Members appointed Dr. Zohair AI Sarraj to act asthe IMA Chairman for the Interim Period.
  • The Lugano Decleration
    During the period of 4 to 6 September 2013, the World Maintenance Forum held in the City of Lugano, Switzerland, under the auspices of the WMF and SUPSI University, announced the formation of the International Maintenance Association IMA with the vision to: “Global Platform for Knowledge Exchange of Effective Maintenance Practicesand Management” The Goals of the Association are to: Develop and promote the appropriate use of effective methods and tools to maintain facilities and machinery, etc. Enrich the knowledge of the latest techniques and research in maintenance science and technology. Founding Members are comprised of Institutions, Research and Development, Academics, Enterprises and Individuals from various world regions collaborated to form the International Maintenance Association (IMA).
  • Survey Conducted with Freindly Institutes
    This COMMITTEE is working on this theme and preparing a global full study on “Worldwide Overview of Current Practice of Maintenance Training and Education (MT&E)”. The study goal is to identify shortcomings within a gap analysis of (MT&E) and aims at reaching the optimum formula for the focus and improvement of MT&E globally. The outcome will be a guideline at international level to help local and regional organizations / associations plan and strategically develop their Maintenance Training and Education; and thereby to achieve the best value in Budgeting, Maintenance Planning & Scheduling, Materials Management, and Maintenance Optimization generally.
  • 01 May 2019: IMA WMF 2019 Theme Decided
    Theme: “Worldwide Overview of Current Practice of Maintenance Training and Education (MT&E)”.
  • 26 May 2019: IMA Website Ready for New Design
    Demo Launched!
  • 15 July 2019: IMA New Website Launched
    New website launched on 15 July 2019. Please email to report any error or missed information
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