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The International Maintenance Association (IMA) is designed to embrace the membership of people and affiliations throughout the world. This approach manifests itself by the enthusiasm of the members and the willingness to contribute and network within a framework costing of regular conferences, a focus on operations and maintenance within asset management, and participation within the industrial, facility, and services sectors.

The map shows the current nations represented by proactive membership, membership which is growing through the sharing of knowledge and the exchange of information for mutual benefit.




Networking and the sharing of knowledge is developed through:

  • The website,

  • Conferences by the IMA World Maintenance Forum,

  • Committee progress reprts, and survey reports,

  • Training and education, and certification, and associared publications

  • The media centre giving the latest information on IMA news releases, videos,etc.

The IMA is a non-profit, non-religious, non- political organisation. It aims to increase the potential for operations and maintenance to be represented on a global basis, and does not compete with like-minded organisations but seeks inclusion. For this reason, membership should be seen as a contributory event, and can be by the individual person, corporate organisation, national body, etc.

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