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IMA World Maintenance Forum 2016

IMA International Operation And Maintenance Forum

Excellence in Maintenance in the Financial Crisis.

Date: 05 - 07 April 2016

Place: Palazzo dei Congressi Lugano (Convention Center), Lugano, Switzerland

Organized by: International Maintenance Association, together with the The University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and OMAINTEC

Official language: English


IMA World Forum is a social network in the field of assets maintenance.

We act as a worldwide network for connecting individuals, shareholders and stakeholders, countries and cultures. All types of affiliations are represented, including individuals and local management and industrial and service companies such as utilities, infrastructure and facilities.




Our mission is to promote global collaboration and to support the development and communication of knowledge where needed; serving individuals, shareholders and stakeholders; and incorporating expertise as appropriate.



Our vision is to "Think global, and act local".


  • Provide cooperation and collaboration in supporting the design and development of maintenance strategies, processes and systems for all situations

  • Promote the coordination and alignment of maintenance with the operational objectives of organizations

  • Assist in the advance and communication of knowledge so that local challenges will be confronted in a proactive way

  • Support compliance and on-going green revolution

  • Provide education, training and local support


International Steering Committee

Dr. Zohair Al Sarraj
IMA – Lugano Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Emanuele Carpanzano, PhD

Director DTI in SUPSI – Switzerland

Prof. Li Baowen
Maintenance Management Branch of CMES (China Mechanical Engineering Society)
Guangzhou University – China


Dr. Mohammad Alfouzan
OMAINTEC – Lebanon / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Alan Wilson
Director, Carmichael Smith Ltd., UK, Management Consultants


Guido Walt
Wear Management, Switzerland


Prof. Claudio Rolandi
SUPSI – Switzerland


Dr. Jamal El-Chaar, PhD
Scientific Officer Research and Innovation in SUPSI, Switzerland


International Scientific Committee


Emanuele Carpanzano, PhD
Director DTI in SUPSI – Switzerland


Xu Baoqiang
Shareford Consultancy (International) Group
Industrial & Plant Engineering Institute of Guangzhou University
Guangzhou – China


Ali Zuashkiani, PhD

Ph.D. in Physical Asset Management
Director of Educational Programs
Centre for Maintenance Optimization and Reliability Engineering,
University of Toronto – Canada


Mahmoud AL Madani, PhD
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Dr. Jens Reichel
Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH
Energie, Infrastruktur und Anlagentechnik
D-47259 Duisburg – Germany


Franco Santini

Chairman CEN TC 319, Maintenance
Monza – Italy


Brad Peterson
Chief Executive Officer
Unionville – USA


Roberto Ravaglia
UNI, Secretary of CEN TC 319 “Maintenance”
Milano – Italy


Dr. Alessandro Trivilini, PhD
Head of Digital Foresincs Lab in SUPSI – Switzerland


Roberto Cigolini
Professor in Politecnico di Milano – Italy


Mr. Per Schjolberg
SINTEF – Norway


Andrea Carpignano, PhD
Professor in Politecnico di Torino – Italy


Virginio Peluzzi
Vice President in Solving Efeso – Italy

Prof. Andreas Weissenbach

Eng. Corina Van Unen


Timothy Delco’
Cantone Ticino – Logistica, for Maintenance of Buildings


International Organizing Committee


International Maintenance Association (IMA)
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)
Arab Institute of Operations & Maintenance (OMAINTEC)


Local Organizing Committee


Eng. Claudio Rolandi, SUPSI-DTI
PhD. Eng. Jamal El-Chaar, SUPSI-DTI
Città di Lugano
Hwayda Jamal (Office Manager, IMA Lugano Switzerland)

Editorial Committee


Jamal El Chaar
Claudio Rolandi




Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano, Switzerland



Prof. Dr. Emanuele Carpanzano (CH) 


Dr. Zohair Alsarraj (KSA)



Prof. Li Baowen (CN) 



Dr. Mohammad Alfouzan (KSA)

Plenary Session: Smart Cities


Chairman: Giambattista Ravano, Deputy Director of Research and Innovation of SUPSI (CH)
Gloria Grau (ES): Smart city case study Barcelona
Maurizio Peralti (CH): From anti-counterfeiting to certification of maintenance operations
Gianni Minetti (CH): The Internet of Things for smarter Asset Management


Giambattista Ravano, SUPSI (CH) and Gloria Grau, TESSEM (ES)

Key message: Cost reduction by sensor maintenance improvements! Gloria Grau


Exchange of Experience

Maurizio Peralti (CH) and Franco Santini (IT)

Exchange of Experience

Gianni Minetti (CH) and Mohammed Alrafaa (KSA)

Key message: Trend - From predictive to prognostic maintenance! Gianni Minetti


Gloria Grau (ES), Dr. Jamal El-Chaar (CH) and Dr. Zohair Alsarraj (KSA)


Per Schjolberg, NUST (NO) and Alan Wilson, Carmichael (UK)


The cyber-security team


Li Baowen (CN) and Rolando Fuentes Reyes (BO)

Parallel Session: Asset Management


Chairman: Alan Wilson, CARMICHAEL (UK)
Mohammed Al-Mofarj (KSA): Spur investment to extend assets life
Tim Zaal (NL): ISO 55000 and Maintenance Organization
Jean-Pascal Foucault (FR): Asset Management Data Reliability in The Field Of Capital Expeniture For Building Maintenance


Tim Zaal, Hogeschool Utrecht (NL)


Jean-Pascale Foucault, Sorbonne universités (FR)

Key message:
Not hardware, not software but people are the highest security risk! Jean-Pascale Foucault

Parallel Session: Standardization and Best Practice


Chairman: Per Schjolberg, NUST (NO)
Ali Amer Al-Khairi (KSA): Working Practice and Needs for Improvement
Theodor Bühler (CH): The growing importance of technical standards
Franco Santini (IT): CEN TC 319 Maintenance
Graziano Perotti (IT): Best practices implementation on the basis of a elf audit


Theodor Bühler, lawyer (CH), Franco Santini, Chairman CEN/TC 319 (IT) and Graziano Perotti, Festo CTE (IT)

Key message:

Copyrights on standards are not always valid - Clarification is needed. Theodor Bühler

Parallel Session: RAMS


Chairman: Enzo Teghi
Abdullah Atyah Al- Ghamdi (KSA): Replacement Priorization of Major electrical assets at HV substations
Terje Nilsen / Rolf Arne Syvertsen (NO): Raylway - Selection and application of risk acceptance principles
Chris Rijsdijk (NL): Validation of RAMS requirements - a case study


Terje Nilsen, Lloyds Register Consulting (NO)


Abdullah Atyah Al- Ghamdi, National Grid (KSA)

Key message:

Decision logics must include knowkledge of persons. Terje Nilsen

Parallel Session: Strategic Management


Chairman: Guido Walt (CH)
Krige Visser / Mark Skinner (ZA): Maintenance Strategy and Maintenance Performance Measurement in the Automotive Industry
Li Baowen (CN): About Maintenance Audit
Rolando Fuentes Reyes (BO): Turnarounds and TOC (Theory of Constraints )


Mark Skinner, University of Pretoria (ZA)


Li Baowen, Shareford Maintenance Consulting (CN) and Rolando Fuentes Reyes, YPFB Refinacion S.A. (BO)

Key message:

The quality of maintenance should be measured - including also maintenance processes, spare part management and cost of poor quality of maintenance. Mark Skinner and Li Baowen

Parallel Session: Continuous Maintenance and Monitoring of Cyber-security


Chairman: Gerardo Costabile (IT)
Francesca Bosco (UNICRI): European critical infrastructures and cyber protection
Andrea Carcano (IT): Why Standard technology fails in protect SCADA system - a real case
Antonio Mauro (IT): Internet of things and Cybersecurity: Vehicles security or (in)security


Francesca Bosco, UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institut (UNICRI);
Andrea Carcano NOZOMI Network (CH) and Antonio Mauro, Octo Telematics S.p.A. (IT)


Gerardo Costabile, Fastweb Spa (Swisscom AG Group) (IT) 

Key message:

There is a Council Directive 2008/114/EC of 8 December 2008 on the identification and designation of European critical infrastructures and the assessment of the need to improve their protection. Francesca Bosco

Workshop: Mobile Security Challenges in Modern Enterprises

Chairman: Andrey Belenko, Skype (CZ)


Key message:
Malicious developers may inject backdoors - they can be injected even without developer's knowledge.


Gala Dinner


Left: Paula Gonçalves - Major in the Portuguese Air Force (PT); right: Mr. and Mrs Li Baowen (CN)

International Maintenance Association (IMA): General Assembly 2016


The IMA committee-members. Photo Vanessa Battisti, SUPSI

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